Monday, December 23, 2013

ZDRAVO!! Vesel Božič vse!! :)

ZDRAVO!!  Vesel Božič vse!! :)

We had an amazing week full of lessons.  We have been so busy, we have had very little, to no time, because of all of our lessons we had.  Despite we had the Christmas party this week (which was amazing and super fun!) we still had 13 lessons, and yesterday was an amazing day!  We had lesson literally right after another and they were all with investigators!  In total we had 4, and then also at sacrament meeting we had two of our investigators at church.  Which was the first time that I had any investigators come, so that was special.  We had a man named Bojan, who is not a member, but he comes every week, and we had just started teaching him as an investigator, so we will see what will happen.  Then we had another man named Vlado, who is just amazing!  We found him through English class and he was one of our few students that came to every single class and also to every spiritual thought.  Once this round of english class ended, we asked him if we could still meet at this time every thursday and friday, and he said yes and that he would enjoy that.  And then he also came to our Christmas concert and he is coming to Family Home Evening tonight, and then we will have another lesson with him tomorrow.  Yesterday we had a lesson after church and we offered him the baptismal commitment.  He was a little confused, and he said that it was a big promise, but he didn't give a straight answer, but he really enjoys meeting with us and he still wants to.  I believe that he will get baptized, but it will just require a little bit of time to learn more, but he has a very deep knowledge about Christ, and he is interested.  He also has a really cool story how he got involved with our English Class, which he told us yesterday in our lesson.  He said that one day he was in the library and said that he saw me and Elder Benson in the library on the computers.  He didn't think much of it, so he continued on.  He said that when he left the library to go home, he decided to go a different way then he normally did.  While he was going he then ran into the sister missionaries and they stopped him and gave him a flyer and invited him.  At first he said that he thought: "Meh, I don't think so."  So he kept going on this different path and then a little while later he said he walked past our church with the sign for english class in the front.  He then told us he thought: "Okay, NOW I have to at least give it a shot."  Haha, it was a really cool experience and we all know that it was a sign that he was lead by God, so I am very excited to see what will happen. :)
Like I said: the Christmas Party was a ton of fun!!  And I had the chance to see my old MTC group, which was so great!  Also me and Elder Benson, and Sister Jones sang a song that Elder Benson had arranged and it was all acopela (pretty sure that's not spelled right) and it was all in parts too.  We also had our christmas concert with the branch, which was a huge success!  We had about 50 people show up!

Well that is about all right now, but before I go I will leave you with a small funny language mistake I made.  So last sunday I called one of our less-actives before church and I asked "Ali hodiš z Milko v cerkev danes zjutraj?" Which literally translates to: "Are you walking with Milka to church in the morrning?"  Well as I said that, our less active (Konstancija) kept saying "Kaj? Kaj??" (What?) over and over again, so I kept repeating what I said, over and over again.  Elder Benson then stopped me and told me to say a different way, so I did and it all worked out.  Well once i got off the phone Elder Benson told me what that phrase really means, and it means: "Are you dating Milka this morning?"  Haha!  Just wanted to let you all know about the adventures you get to experience in the missionary life!! XD

Well I hope that you all have a wonderful christmas this week and I hope that you all enjoy this precious time with your families and remember what this holiday is all about. :)

- Starešina Lyman


Just some christmas photos that I got, I will try and get some more.  This is how center Celje looks.  We have tons of huge christmas trees everywhere and then a ton of little christmas shopping huts! :)

Then the trees are all lit up at night! :)

Missionaries in Slovenia

Funny Story:  Our lightbulb is out, and we are too lazy to go buy a new one, so.... yeah we use our christmas lights for light, haha! XD

And then just ya know... another castle.  They are everywhere in Slovenia!! :D

Waiting for the train:  Slovenia is a Magical Winter Fairy Tale!! That's all folks!! Marry Christmas!! :D

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