Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013 - Hey everybody!!!

Hey everybody!!!

I actually didn't get that many emails this week so I thought I would finally do a update letter! :)
I have been loving the MTC!  It is a great experience and it is really fun!  The only thing that I have any issues with is preparing lessons in Slovene - really stressful!! We teach about one lesson everyday to our "investigators" who are actually just our teachers acting.  Actually teaching the lesson is a lot of fun!  Because I can manage and make my way through it, but the preparing is just the hardest.  So I am the only Slovene elder currently on campus and will be until I leave, how wild is that?!  In my class there are two sisters and I teach with them.  There names are Sister Cuthburt and Sister Burton.  Never thought I would say this, but its kinda hard working with sisters, haha! And surprisingly I'm the one that has to make sure we stay on task, so it wasn't what I expected! :) But they are awesome and so fun to be around!

My two elder companions are Elder Frederick and Elder Miner.  I like them a lot and especially Elder Frederick!  He is just so fun to be around and his and my personality go very well with each other.  And then there's Elder Miner who I like, but he has kind of a different personality.  But I still love them both! :)

I actually really love the MTC food here!  Every meal is pretty awesome!  But I think I have only gained about a pound so don't worry about me gaining weight! ;)

This past week has been wonderful and it has flown by SO fast!!  It's really true when they say that: "The days are weeks and the weeks are days."  On some days I am just blown away thinking that yesterday was actually that morning (thats happened a lot, haha!) and then like today and last week felt like it was just yesterday!
Last P-day was Elder Fredericks birthday and we had so much fun!  I found a big "happy birthday" sign in the freebox (the freebox is an amazing miracle; when missionaries leave they drop a ton of stuff in it and it probably one of the most exciting things, because you never know what you're going to find!) Then I hung it up the night before.  The night of his birthday we had a big party (as big as parties can get at the MTC) and we ate cake that his dad sent him, had chips and dip that another companionship had and then shared a bottle of Sparkling Cider that his grandparents sent (which was the best thing of all, haha!)  I love it here at the MTC, because you really grow close to your zone and you all become a family! :)

While being here at the the MTC I have had the amazing opportunity to see TWO! Apostles come and speak! :) 
Two weeks ago Elder Richard G. Scott came and gave us learning a language an "Apostolic blessing" and it was really powerful and amazing!  I felt the spirit so much!  Then this week we had Elder Neil L. Anderson come and he talked about loving one another.  Hearing them speak strengthen my testimony so much that they are truly apostles of God, because they are so full of love.  I keep thinking of the song "Love one another" where it says: "by this shall men know, ye are my disciples, if you have love one to another."  And they are truly disciples of Christ and are great examples of Him.  As Richard G. Scott was about to walk out the door it shouted: "I love you!" and we all shouted it back.  And then at the end of Neil L. Anderson's talk he went up and shook a lot of missionaries hands. (because we had to wait for a little while, because there was severe rain and lighting outside.  Eventually we had to go and my suit soaked up like a sponge! Just preparing me for Slovenia's weather I guess!)  I didn't have the chance to shake his hand, but I know he would have if he could. :)  I have learned that the spirit thrives best with love and as in it's opposite: the spirit does not thrive and disappears with hate/contention.  There is a reason why we sing "Love at home" is because we are suppose to establish a home that can house the spirit and it is so important that we have the spirit with us.

I love you all so much and I miss all of you!! I hope you all have a great week!

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