Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 6!!

Hey everyone!!

This week has been amazing and I love it here! :)  I can't believe that it is already P-Day!!!  This morning me, Elder Frederick (one of my companions) and Elder Ward (A friend I made here) went and did initiatories at the temple this morning instead of going to a session and it was awesome!!  We got out an a hour earlier than usual and so we went and ate breakfast at the Temple and it was aMaZiNg!!! It was nice to finally have some real bacon again! :)

This past week has been really fun and me and Elder Frederick have started a little game with each other.  I don't know how it started, all I know is that Elder Frederick started it. ;)  We are now having a war with lemon heads and we just put lemon heads in the most random places like in the other persons shoes, their pant pockets, their drawers, or in their bed!  It's kind of weird, but SO fun!! :)  Just a little something to be goofy and have some laughs here at the MTC.

Something that has been spiritually uplifting for me this week is how everywhere around us there are "little miracles".  Sometimes we get so caught up in the world that we forget to look, recognize, or appreciate these "little miracles".  And sometimes they are just as simple as accidentally leaving a bookmark in your scriptures and then during a lesson with an "investigator", that investigator asks a question and that bookmark miraculously marked the perfect scripture to that investigator's question.  :)  That was one of the many "little miracles" that I had this week and I can testify that Heavenly Father loves us so much and blesses us with so much and I was just thinking of the song: "Count Your Many Blessing" and the phrase: "count your many blessings and you'll see what God hath done."  These miracles, no matter how small they are, are all around us and if we just take the time to look, we'll notice.

Another thing that was extremely powerful this week is that Heavenly Father does truly answer our prayers.  This week I had a question in my mind and asked Heavenly Father to bless me with an answer.  The very next day at one of the devotionals, a member of the quorum of the Seventy was speaking and right when he was about to end his talk he went off on a different direction from what he was speaking about (even though we were already 10 minutes over) and perfectly addressed the question I had and answered it.  I know that our church leaders are inspired and so are the speakers and teachers here at the MTC.  And I challenge you to try to find a question that you haven't been able to quite figure out and pray and ask to receive an answer or that this Sunday, someone will be inspired or prompted to talk about it and answer your question.  I know that if you do this and if you are diligently looking and searching, you will see a "little miracle". - (1 Nephi 10:19) :) 

I love you all and I miss everything single one of you!  I hope you all will have a great week!!

Se Vidimo!

- Starešina Lyman :)

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