Friday, September 27, 2013

3 More Days!!!

Hello everyone!!!!

This past week has been so exciting, but also SO stressful at the same time!!  Two days ago we had to move from our building and move into a new one, because it was being renovated.  So that was a ton of fun!! (not really) ;)  But the good news is that I am already packed for Slovenia: "Waahooo!!" :D

Then yesterday we had In-Field orientation and when I was at breakfast I got really sick all of the sudden and by the time I went to personal study I had a huge Migrane (don't think that's how you spell it)  And got really sick and lost all of my breakfast (if you know what I mean) and then I went back to the room and had the chance to sleep for 3 hours more!!!   I can't really decide if the sickness was bad or good, because I had the chance to finally catch up on some precious sleep. :)  After I woke up I felt so much better and then went back to In-Field orientation, but I missed the first half so it was kind of confusing and then my head was still foggy, but it was still really good! :)  And now I am feeling much better!!!  Basically In-Field orientation is what it sounds like.  It is a last minute prep. to fill you in on the things you will need to know when you get there and how the first few weeks are going to be like.  From what I was able to go to it was a lot about working with the Members, so I learned a lot from that. :)

I am so excited to get out to Slovenia finally!!  I have loved the MTC, but it is definitely time to leave, haha! :)  I know that I really won't be able to communicate and that I will be speaking like a child, but nonetheless - I'm so excited!! :)

Other than that there isn't a whole much I have to talk about, but the next time I will be writing I will be in Slovenia!! :)  Monday I will fly out around11:30 to Chicago then to Paris then to Zagreb, Croatia and then I will take a train to Slovenia!!

I love you all and miss you all so much!! :)

- Elder Lyman

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