Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013 - 18 Days left until SLOVENIA!!

Hey everyone!!! I'm going to have to make this one quick, because I only have 15 minutes left of time.  That's something I have realized here at the MTC; You NEVER have enough time for anything!! :)  But that's what it takes when you are giving your life to the Lord and I am alright with that. :)

This week has been so great and I love it here at the MTC!!  But I am so excited to get out and go and I should be getting my travel plans next week!  Here at the MTC that is such an exciting event that it is pretty much like we are getting our mission calls all over again!  And it's when you realize all over again that "this is really happening!" 

It's still hard for me to believe that I am actually here and being on a mission has been by far the most amazing thing!  Sure there are hard times, but I can already see that it has already changed me!  My perspective of the gospel has completely changed in these past 6 weeks! :)

Something that I have started doing this week is I bought a small pocket book dedicated to scriptures and I would suggest that you all should do it! :)  Whenever you find a scripture that you really like, write it down and write something about it.  It's really great and for me it's always a source that I could see where I have found past inspiration and it's something that I can always keep on me! :)

Well I have to get going now so....

Nasvidenje!! (Till we meet again!)


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