Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013 - 10 more days!!!!

Hey everyone!!

Everything is going very well here at the MTC!  I only have 10 more days and I am so excited!!  The MTC is amazing, but now I really understand why everyone gets so excited to leave it, haha!  It's amazing, but.... you get so excited to actually go out and preach the gospel, so I'm kinda ready to go! :)  I get my travels plans today, but I think I already know where I am going, because we have a German elder in our zone and international elders get there plans early and he is going to Chicago to Paris to Croatia!  So I will be going the same route as him because he is going to my mission and then I will be taking a train from Croatia to Slovenia and you don't know how excited I am to take a train and see the countryside of my mission!!  I will get my travel papers today and then will know for sure today! :)

The travel day is pretty much a missionaries vacation, haha!! There will be A LOT of sleeping and that is just amazing by itself, haha!! :)  I don't think I have mentioned this yet, but I think my zone here is definitely the most diverse zone here at the MTC.  We have 4 different missions and we have 8 different languages (Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Slovak, Czech, and Polish).  Usually a zone at the MTC only has one mission and one language, but we all have such unique missions there aren't enough people going there so they put us all into one zone.  It is really a cool experience and I love my whole zone so much!! It is kinda weird to think that I didn't know any of them 8 weeks ago, it feels like I've known them my whole life! :)  Another think that is really cool that I found  last week is: I will be the first 18 year old missionary to Slovenia!! So that's a pretty amazing opportunity!

I have to get going pretty soon, but I'll talk a little bit about some spiritual stuff right now, because I am a missionary ya know. ;)  

Something that I have realized a lot these past few weeks and it is something that my teacher says a lot is:  "This gospel is a transforming gospel".  And I didn't realize how true that was until now here at the MTC.  Being here my view of the gospel has changed so much and it really is the most important thing in our lives.  And I really like the scripture Mosiah 27:25 and it talks about how in this life we are suppose to change.  And that is why we were sent to this Earth, to learn and experience things that cause us to change into something better; becoming true sons and daughters of God and becoming: God-like.  And we only become that by changing our hearts through the Atonement and changing into a state of righteousness.

  Being here at the MTC I can already see how much I have changed and this gospel is truly a "transforming gospel".  It changes everything and especially how we view our lives.  Being a Mormon isn't just a religion, it's a way of life, and I am proud to say: "I am a Mormon". :)

I also finally found my missionary plaque scripture and it is: Jacob 4:6, and it is such a great scripture! :)  We have so many amazing experiences in this church and if I was to put one word to my MTC it would be: "Faith".  If you read the scripture you will find that Faith is one of the most important things to the gospel and with it we can do anything!  And we are meant to be on this Earth to "walk by faith rather than sight".  And sometimes I feel like we all want to see things and we want proof, and I am even guilty of that.  But we have so many "proofs" of the gospel through the spirit and if we just listen and look, we will feel that spirit and that is all we need for our answer. :)

Well that is it for right now, but I miss you all so much!  I'll talk to you all next week and then after that I will finally be in Slovenia! :)

Se Vidimo!!

- Elder Lyman 

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