Monday, November 11, 2013

Hey everyone!!

I have had another great week in Celje!! :)  It is definitely getting close to winter and it has been raining a ton here!!  But that is okay, because I love it!! :)  I want to mention something that I have wanted to for a while, but kept forgeting and it is that Slovenes are totally paranoid with weather here!!  My first 5 weeks here it was so warm and perfect (Utah) weather and so I was walking around in short sleeves, but... everyone around me had jackets and everything!  There were so many times when I would be talking to people and they would say:  "Why arn't you wearing a jacket, you'll freeze!!"  While it was about 70 degrees outside!  But it also started up a lot of conversations, which was good! :)  They are also very paranoid about breezes and drafts.  If they are in a building and they feel a draft, they will literally stand up and move somewhere else to get away.  They are a very superstitious people and they think that if you are even a little bit cold, you are going to get sick and die, haha!
  The first transfer just ended and I am on my second, but nothing too exciting has happened with it.  I am still staying in Celje and I am still with Elder Benson and will probably stay with him until my training is over.  The sad thing this morning was that Sister Legro (one of the other sisters here in Celje) was going home, so we had to help her with her luggage.  A couple of nights ago we went out with the sisters and some members after an activity and we went over to a Palečinke stand.  Basically palečinke is a crepe and they have them all of the time here in Slovenia and they are amazing!! They have lots of little shacks around that serve them, so we went with Sister Legro for one of her last nights in Slovenia.  I mention this, because I made a really funny language mistake while ordering mine.  As I picked up my Palečinke, the server said: "Dober Tek!" and I said: "Enako!" - Same to you - and he then had a very puzzled look as I walked away.  As I was walking I totally realized "Dober Tek" means "Bon appetite!", and then thought: "Oh no... I am Brian Regan..."  =  "You TOW!" (I hope you all understand that reference, haha!) ;D

This past week we had Zone Conference and we went to Ljubljana and were there for the whole day.  It was so great and President Rowe came and talked with us!  Another really cool thing that I would like to mention is that one guy me and Elder Dearinger ran into last week on exchanges came and handled the lunch for Zone Conference.  He came and delivered the food and met all of the missionaries and then President and Sister Rowe, which I think was a really good experience with him.  He then said goodbye and said: "I hope we can do this another time!" and I thought to myself: "OHH, we most definitely can!" ;)  After that I think President and Sister Rowe went and showed him around the church.  He is such a cool and nice guy and I am really excited to see what happens with him! :)

I have talked about my bike "The Legend" before and again I would like to talk about it more.  You just cannot win with this bike, haha!  So as I said before, that it had completely broken down a couple of weeks ago, but we took it into the shop.  I paid 28 euros (more than what it was bought for) and repaired it.  After that it was amazing and it was basically heaven on wheels and the "The Legend" was back from the dead.  Well... while I was on exchanges, Elder Wilson was riding the bike and the back tire exploded! Haha, he then had to carry the bike all the way to the apartment.  Once I got back we then had to replace the tire, which was pretty painless.  So everything has been totally fine now.  But another funny story happened this morning while I was riding it.  We were riding to the library and we went down a hill and I realized that there was a person in front of us riding their bike, but they were going really slow, so I tried to go off to the side and go around.  As I was doing this, my tire didn't make it over a little tiny bit curbing and it totally wrecked.  Miracuously, and I don't even know how,  I ended up just running and ended up on my feet.  Kind of a surreal experince, but "Hey!" Everything worked out.  Kind of a dumb story, but I just want to mention again: you can't win with "The Legend"! ;D

This week we have had a lot of success.  Yesterday we had a less active that we have been working with come back to church!! He is so awesome and has such a strong testimony and belief in the gospel, but he just needs the little push to come back out.  He then has a non member girlfriend that has been coming with him to church.  They both came to district conference a couple of weeks ago, and she seems interested.  She sits and listens to our lessons, but she doesn't want to be involved in the lessons, so she is observing, so we will wait and then teach her when she is ready. :)  We then are also teaching two other people (a brother and sister) and they are doing very well.  They are so nice and at first the brother said that he is not interested in switching religions and that he is comfortable with his (meaning he doesn't go), but they are both becoming really interested.  They are also really excited that we are from America, because people over here LOVE us!  The sister that we are teaching has a son and he went to school and told all of his friends that he met American's and they all thought it was SO cool!  Haha! :)  
We then are also teaching two other investigators that are friends with that less active that I mentioned earlier and we have had amazing lessons with them.  And they are the same people that I mentioned were rolling cigarettes in our first lesson.  Still happened in our second lesson, but it was a lot less this time, haha!  And then we are suppose to have another less active come to family home evening tonight and he says that he will be coming back to church this Sunday.  The work is really coming a long here in Slovenia and we are getting more and more people to teach! :)  Sorry if this was all a little confusing, but I'm trying not to use names, just to be discreet. :)

Well I have to get going, but I hope that you all have an amazing week!!

Se vidimo!!

- Starešina Lyman

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