Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 7

Hey everyone!!
This week has gone by so quick!!  We have been really busy this week with a lot of lessons and nothing too out of the ordinary happened, so this letter might be a quick one.  Something that was amazing this week was that on Sunday we had three less-actives come and one visitor who is the girlfriend of one of the less actives we have been working with.  We also had 30 people to church and I know that probably doesn't sound that amazing, but let me tell you: it is!!  When I first got here I guess the branch was about averaging 15-20 people coming every sunday, so they has been a lot of improvement!  I love the people here and some of them have some of the strongest testimonies and are all some of the coolest people ever!  I am actually in Ljubljana right now and am at the University here, because we went in the morning with a member named Marko, because he was coming here for school and we hitched a ride, so we are waiting for him until his class gets out.  He is so cool and he is about 20 and he is the 2nd counselor in the branch presidency.  He is so young, but thats what happens when you have such a small group.  I hope you all love your wards so much, because it really is  a blessing to have a ward and especially a chapel!! :)
Something I should have probably done a long time ago is tell how mission is like here in Slovenia.  So we have branches and four areas that are open to misssionary work right now.  The four areas are Ljubljana, Kranj, Celje, and Maribor.  Ljubljana and Kranj are apart of the same branch and in Ljubljana we have a chapel there, that have about 60 members that attend weekly.  Then in Kranj there are 2 sisters serving there for the whole city; Ljubljana has 4 elders and 2 sisters; Celje has 2 elders (me!), 2 sisters, and a Senior Couple, and then Maribor has 2 elders and 2 sisters.  So in total we have 18 missionaries in Slovenia right now, and we are supposed to get more senior couples in january.  I lucked out and am in the same district as the only senior couple, so I get dinner ever once and a while, haha!  Then for the other parts of the mission are Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and I forgot to mention that we also had a new country added a while ago named Montenegro!  There one of my MTC companions is serving right now and there are only 3 members there for the whole country, so its very new and it will be hard work to get it up and going.  Most likely I will not be going to any of those other countries, because Slovenian is very different from their languages, but you never know what the Lord will need! :)
For our success this week we found one new investigator and it was completely by surprise!!  We originally went  to go teach a member, but when we got there his mom had a friend over and so we sat down and started talking with all of them.  Eventually we got into a very good conversation with her concering the Godhead, and now she wants to know more! We will be going over to her house this week with her member friend, so I am really excited to see what will happen! :)
It is so weird to think that I have been out for about 4 months already!! It really blows my mind, because it has gone by SO fast!!  Right now I am still with my trainer Elder Benson and I have only 5 more weeks left of training and it is so weird to think pretty soon I won't be a greenie anymore!  The langauge is still coming and I love it so much!  It's really hard, but I am so excited for when I can actually be fluent and that is where the real fun is going to be!
Well that is it for this week and I forgot my camera so I will send more pictures next week!  And now I am going to go party (sort of) with the Ljubljana elders and play basketball and maybe watch Johny Lingo, haha!! Čhao vsak, in lepo se imate! (Cya everyone and I have yourself wonderfully!)
- Starešina Lyman

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