Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 8

Hey everyone!!

This week has been great!!  It is so crazy to think that November is almost over!  It has flown by!!  It is also really weird to think that I will be turning 19 this week and quite honestly - I don't want to!  I love telling people here that I am 18 and seeing their faces, when they realize that an 18 year old boy is teaching them about God.  Kind of funny, and people are really surprised about it and a lot of them say that they thought I was in my 20's. xD
This week it has also been raining almost everyday here, but I actually really enjoy the rain, so that has been a ton of fun!!  Today the wind actually really picked up, and it reminded me of Cedar City, but I just laughed because it didn't even compare to all of those freezing days walking around in Cedar's snow and 1000 mile per hour wind. :)  But winter is definitely getting closer here and they are just starting to put up the christmas lights, which I am really excited for and I will send you all pictures.
The branch is also getting ready for winter her and we are putting together a Christmas Concert and we will be singing and have a nativity story.  We started this last week and meet every tuesday and thursday and one of the best parts of all is that the person in charge is actually a less active we have been working with for a long time now.  She is the music director for the branch here in Celje and two weeks ago she came to church for the first time in months and did her calling and lead the music.  She has progressed so much and now is so close to becmoning fully active again!!
We have seen some great strides of success here in the branch!  Lots of people are becoming active again, and one man that we have been working with has come to the last 3 sacrament meetings in a row!!  He has been inactive for the past 8 years and he is amazing!! We think that he is become solidly active again and now we are working on getting him a calling.
We then had an amazing lesson yesterday with one of our investigators.  Her name is Štefka and we also brought a member named Olga.  Štefka was completely and totally prepared when we got there; she had her Book of Mormon on the table, her pamphlets, pencils, and was completely set!  We then sat down with her and we had a great starting conversation and then asked before we go anyfarther if we could start with a prayer, and the greatest thing was that she offered to say the opening prayer!!  She has been struggling with prayer, because she is a little shy, but it was a great and her prayers are becoming better and better!  We then taught about Jesus Christs ministry and his apostles from the first lesson and surprisingly that was the whole lesson!  We were going to finish the whole first lesson with her that day, but we just kept going and answering questions she had about this and that and she even asked about children baptism and what we believed about that and she thought it was great.  And then throughout the lesson she even marked scriptures we used and now she is really dedicated in investigating.  She said that she would continue to pray every day and to read the Book of Mormon everyday and we feel really strongly that she could ready with a baptismal date the next time we visit!! :D  We are really excited for her and feel that she is really prepared.  

Some funny things for this week are that one night while we were trackting, we tracked into a potential that Elder Benson got before I came on my mission, and as we were talking with her, she really didn't seem to interested.  While we were talking I noticed, in a reflection of picture in her house, a man get up and start walking to the door and I just thought: "oh no, here it comes" - thinking that we were going to get kicked out.  Then all of the sudden the man looks straight at me and says:  "Utah Jazz".  I was so shocked and I just looked at him. At first I just thought it was something in a different language, because it was SO unexpected.  He then saw my blank face and then said: "your mo.. mo.. mo"  - "Yes, we're mormons!"  He then told us that right now wasn't a good time for them and asked if we could come on wednesday in the morning.  We said of course!! And then headed out!  It was such a funny moment and it was completely opposite - usually we set up the lessons, not the other way around! xD

This week I will be celebrating thanksgiving with Senior couple here and the missionaries from Maribor, and I am so craving sweet potatoes and marshmallows!!  I hope that you all will be having a great thanksgiving and I miss you all SO much!!

- Starešina Lyman

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