Monday, January 27, 2014

Enduring Till the End

Hello everybody!! :D

I hope you have all had a fantastic week, because we sure did!! I am just having a blast with my new companion Elder Hunt and we are working so hard and we have seen so many miracles this past week. We have really started focusing on contacting and trakting this week and it has been so fun! We found so many great people this week and this month I am really focusing on improving on contacting and trakting, because they very well might be one of the hardest parts of missionary work, and if you can master those, it's "smooth sailing" (so to speak) ;) But really this past week has been so much fun, contacting has become one of my most favorite things to do! :D
We have had a lot of miracles this week and I have so many experiences which I would love to share with you all, but it would take way too much time, so I'll just have to have a ton of stories to share when I get home, but definitely the title of the week is "Enduring Till the End".
One experience which we had was while we were out trakting this week. We had been trakting for about an hour in a small neighborhood a couple of minutes out of Celje and it was pretty late. We didn't have much success except for a few "come back later's". Well in this neighborhood we had just gotten to the end of the street and we finished the second to last house with no success and then we started walking to the last house. Well this house was pitch dark and it was pretty beat up and ugly and it was not the most friendliest looking of houses and so we wondered and asked oursleves if it was even worth it to give it a shot. Well we knew we had to give this house the same opportunities we did the others and so we went and pushed forward, and this is where we found a young man named Tilan. Tilan is in is 20's and is very friendly and we just started talking to him right on his door, about God being our father and how prayer is that way to communicate with Him. We had a great contact with him and he seemed very interested and we gave him a Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith pamphlet, Plan of salvation, and Restoration. He then gave us his number and said that we could come back. It was an awesome experience, and it is amazing to look and think about how always when we are near to the end of our journey, we get temptations and trials that try to knock us off the path, but if we can just push a little bit harder, we will get our reward!! :D
We then had another amazing experience last saturday. It was Elder Hunt's birthday and our mission president called that morning and wished him a happy birthday and he gave us the commitment to go and find an investigator that morning and and promised us if we worked hard that we would get one and that he wanted us to call him that night to tell us what happened. Well that made us more determined than ever and we went out that morning and went and contacted for 2 hours straight. So fun and again we talked and had great contacts with so many people, but not a whole lot of potential. We handed out a lot of pass along cards, but it's up to them to call us. :) We then went through the day and did various things like calling all of our inactives in the Branch and invited them to church the next day and then going and teaching one of our investigators and then teaching a member that night. Well after that lesson we had one more to go to, but it fell through, and we thought: "YES!" (that is never the result) "We have another chance!!" :) So we went out and started again contacting and we did this as we made our way back to our apartment. Well again, we talked and had some great contacts with a lot of great potential, but nothing huge. Well we eventually made it back to our apartment and it was 8:30. At this time we were tired and we were also very hungry, because we didn't have lunch that day, but we decided that we still have 30 minutes till we have to be back home and we still have that time to find that investigator. Well we turned around and immedietely we found a young man in his twenties waiting in the parking lot. We stopped and started talking with him and he was just one of the most open and fun guys I have ever met. We had a great conversation with him and his name was Miha. He said that he has seen missionaries here for years and has talked to them here and there a little. Well before we could get anywhere his friend came in his car and Miha had to go. So he wasn't the person we were looking for (we are going try to find him again, because he lives near ;) ) but so we continued on. Well we tried a few more people and not much more happened, and then this one kid walked pass us with his music on his phone blasting. Elder Hunt say "Dober Večer - Good Evening" to him as he walked by and then as he was walking I looked back and I yelled: "Hey! What's your name?" He turned around and turned off the music and then said "Mark!" I then told him "No way! That's an American name! We're from America!" :D We then started talking to him and told him who we were and asked him about his beliefs. He told us that he goes to church pretty regularly and he believes in God. We then started talking about his family and he lives with his Mom, Dad, brother, sister, and his Grandma's. He loves his family and told us that they are the most important thing to him. We then kept talking to him about our beliefs about God and the family and then we asked if it would be okay if we could come over and speak with him some more. He said yes and gave us his number! We then said our goodbyes and started walking home. Right when we finished with the contact it was 9:00 and it was amazing! Again it is amazing how this things work out and that you don't get your reward until you do everything you can and endure till the end and that is when you find success. It was an amazing experience, and I know that it was a lesson the Lord had in store for me and Elder Hunt and I cannot wait to see what will happen this next week! :D
I love you all and my only advice for this week is: when times are rough, keep sticking to it, because even if you can't see what is over the horizon - you don't know what treasures the Lord has in store for you if you just push a little longer and a little more. :)

- Starešina Lyman

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