Monday, January 6, 2014

Smešna Izkušnja (Funny Experience)

Hey Everybody!!!

This is going to have to be a really short update this week!!  I don't have a ton of time, because all of the missionaries (only 16) came to Celje today and we are going to go play some games at the park and then go on a hike and go to a temple of hurcules, which is going to be awesome!! I'll send some pictures next week! :)

This past week has been a little interesting, but what I will tell is my experience with yesterday at church.  We had one of our investigators come to church for the first time!! She has been investigating with us for a long time and she finally came, which was a huge success and a big step with her.  I then sat with her for sacrament meeting while Elder Benson was at the piano playing some prelude music and this was about 10 minutes before sacrament meeting started.  Once it was about 5 minutes before sacrament meeting started, we started to get a little nervous, because none of the Branch Presidency was at the church yet and we were still waiting on the person to bring the sacrament bread, so we decided to wait.  Well, it wasn't until we were 10 minutes late when we made the decision that nobody was going to be coming, so me and Elder Benson ran upstairs frantically looking for something that we could use for the sacrament, and the only thing that we were able to find were some cookies, so we thought: "Well... here we go!!"  So we started to make our way down the stairs until one of the members stopped us and told that magically she had one slice of bread in her bag!  We were so grateful and asked her if she would go grab it.  Elder Benson then conducted sacrament meeting and then we sang songs and went through announcements and once it came time Elder Benson blessed the sacrament and I passed it, because the only priesthood holder that was there, wasn't dressed properly.  We then went into the testimony meeting and despite all of the chaos before, the testimonies were amazing!  And they brought the spirit in so much and it changed the meeting completely around. The best part of all was that for the last testimony a little 9 year old girl named Alija stood up with her mom and talked about how grateful she was that they read the Book of Mormon as a family together and she was so cute that everyone loved it and I really think it touched our investigator, because she has a young family and she really wants her family to be closer together.  We then ended sacrament meeting and our investigator told us how much she enjoyed it, so I am really excited for her to see a normally orgainized sacrament meeting! :)

Well that is my short little funny/interesting story for the day, but I hope that you all love your wards so much and give thanks for your leaders.  I have never been so grateful for my ward back at home, and I am so grateful to be out here, because it helps me to see all the blessings that God has given to me throughout my life!

I hope you all have a great week! And I miss you all so much! :)

- Starešina Lyman

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