Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey everyone!!

This is going to be another short update letter, because I don't have a ton of time to write today.  The big news for the week are:  Transfers!!!  My companion, Elder Benson, is being sent to Ljubljana and I am staying in Celje.  He served here for 10 months, which is extremely long.  Right now I am only at 3, so we will see what happens.  My new companion will be Elder Hunt and I am so excited!  I met him in the MTC, and he came out only 6 weeks before me.  We are going to have so much fun together, because we both are still learning the language, and we are going to have some pretty hilarious/strange moments.  I can't wait!! 

Another thing that it pretty big is that I went searching for a music store last p-day and I found a ukulele!!  It has been so fun this past week, and I am really excited to start using it.  I plan on bringing it to church every once and a while and playing with the primary to help out and then I plan bringing it to other activities like our English Class which we are teaching.  I am really excited and it is going to help make things a little more lively and fun! :)
The work is going along great here in Celje and I can't wait to tell you more!!  I am really sorry that this is so short, but we didn't have a ton of time, because we had to get
things ready for the transfer tomorrow!  Love and miss you all and I hope you will all have a great week!!

p.s - I am going to send you some pictures of what we did today for p-day!!  We went to another castle, haha!! In slovenia, castles are everywhere, and in every single city, even the small ones!! :D


My ruthless steed, haha!!

This is a Korant  - "Kurant"  and they are so cool!!!  Every February they have a HUGE holiday called "Pust" and it is when they dress up in all sorts of crazy costumes and they have big bells where they bang and then they try to scare away winter.  I have heard so much about it and I cannot wait!! So excited!! :D

In the castle!! :D  (In a city called Putj!)

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